Well, what a year it has been!
None of us could have imagined anything like this happening in our lifetimes. We all know Christmas will be different this year. But lets all take the time to relax, reflect and enjoy all the good things we have.
We are so lucky to live here in North Devon, we have our beautiful beaches and countryside, the pure luxury of space denied to so many living in large towns and cities. 
We know how hard COVID19 has hit so many people, with terrible personal losses, business closures, job losses to name just a few.
We have been so lucky to be in a business, where you, our lovely friends and guests keep coming back to us, lockdown after lockdown! For that we are extremely grateful.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your loyalty and friendship. Some of you have been part of our journey at kudos for many years. We appreciate and thank you all, clients old, present or any future new clients too!
Please keep trying to support all our lovely local business’, we all need to help each other now more than ever.
Our team here at Kudos have all been amazing. Having to work long hours to enable us to work safely distanced from each other, wearing full PPE for up to 11 hours a day to ensure your safety. I am so proud of them. Not one of them has complained, they have all been happy to be able to work.
To them I would like to say a personal ‘’Massive Thank You!’’ xxx
We truly are a happy work family, which you our lovely clients are part of and make possible. 

So, go and enjoy whatever your Christmas brings! ‘’Eat, drink and be merry everyone!’’ 
Wishing you all a 'Very Safe and Happy Christmas, and Healthy New Year’’
Thank you all again.
With love from us all at Kudos. xxx