We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has messaged us requesting an appointment following the government announcement that we will be able to reopen on the 12th April. We have listed everyone who has contacted us, so don’t worry if we haven’t responded to you, as you can understand we have been inundated with messages. 
We would like to reassure you that everyone will be responded to! We have decided to slow down our booking process until we are certain that the 12th April is our definite return date. So don’t worry if we are yet to contact you, we haven’t forgotten you, we are simply just being cautious. This being said, also don’t worry if you feel it might be a long time before you get your appointment. Taking it slowly means that we have a controlled process and therefore we are not fully booking any of the first weeks in case appointments have to be moved. So there is still plenty of reserved spaces for those requesting appointments.
Thank you again for your patience 
With love, the Kudos team xxx
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