'Kudos Reopening 4th July!'

We are so excited to be able to announce that we can officially reopen the salon doors again on 4th July!

We have been extremely busy behind the scenes preparing the salon for your very safe welcome back.


Sadly, we are not yet able to open the Beauty Suite, but very much hope it won’t be far behind.


We are currently working our way through the salon appointments, rebooking those of you that missed your appointments during lockdown. We are also calling everyone on our waiting list.  Please be patient with us, we will get to you.  If you’ve sent a message, either by email or by message, you are on the list.  Apologies to anyone that hasn’t received a reply.  We are so busy calling everyone that it’s hard to reply to the enormous yet flattering flow of emails and messages.  It doesn’t mean we haven’t seen it, only that if we keep calling, we will get to you quicker with your appointment call 

The online booking system will be open from 1st July for your convenience.  You can access this from the home page of this website.  Or call us on - 01237 477725.

We will be following all the government advised distancing rules for yours and our teams' safety at all times.

We will be all wearing the required PPE at all appropriate times. this will be face visors, disposable aprons and gloves. We are not required to wear face masks as well as visors, but some of our team may choose to do so.

There is a Perspex screen on the reception desk and between each wash basin.  Also on all the nail stations ready for when the Beauty Suite reopens.

A hand sanitiser is provided for you to use on entering the salon and we kindly request that everyone does so. Hand santisers are also available throughout the salon to use any time during your visit.

Every work station and surrounding area will be thoroughly cleaned/sanitised before and after every visit.

All equipment used during your visit will have been freshly santised.  This includes combs, scissors, sectioning clips, brushes, hairdryers, irons and even product bottles.  Anything that is used or touched during your visit, will been sanitised before the next.  The Kudos team will change their disposable aprons and gloves before every new service.  If they are cutting another guests hair whilst your colour is processing, they will change into fresh for that guest, then again before coming back to you.  We are taking every measure possible to ensure yours and our teams' safety.

We have created schedules for the hourly santising of all other surfaces throughout the salon.

Fortunately we have two stair cases to access our colour room and staff areas. The Kudos team will be using a one way system to go up and down the stairs, avoiding any unnecessary face to face close contact.

There are now paper towel dispensers in our toilets. All bins are new and we are only using pedal operated bins with closing lids.

Please bring any reading material of your own if you so wish. We will not be handling magazines during this time. Sadly we won't be able to serve drinks either, so please feel free to bring your own.  We will however still have the water dispenser with recyclable disposable cups as you enter, where you will still be welcome to help yourself. 

We will be operating a new timetable to accommodate all of you with the distance rules required in the salon. This means that we will need to operate 7 days a week for longer hours than usual.  This allows us to work in smaller teams and also for longer hours for your convenience.  We will initially be open 9am-9pm every day.

We request that you come alone for your appointment. We will require that you wear a face mask.  We can provide you with one if you don't have your own. We will provide fresh disposable face masks to wear during colour services.

Due to the current situation, we will only be able to offer appointments to children that are old enough to visit us on their own. This is for their and our teams safety during this time. We will review this again when we have settled into our new routine and can be sure of enough space for your and your childs safety when visiting together. 

We ask that you only wear a coat/jacket if necessary. Please bring a bag if wearing a coat to put it in for your personal safety. We will not be putting any personal items in the cloak cupboard during this time.

All payments must be made by card.
Cash payments will only be taken in unavoidable circumstances.

We will be making a small charge for the use of PPE in the salon. We are not increasing prices to reflect this, we are keeping it as a separate charge so that we can remove the charge as soon as it is no longer necessary.

All new guests to Kudos will be required to make a 50% deposit for their requested service when making their appointment.  Any missed appointments will be asked to pay 50% of their requested service charge at this time.

Most appointments will be made by telephone to avoid any unnecessary contact in the reception area.

We ask that you arrive no earlier than necessary for your appointment as our reception area has been cleared of chairs for your personal safety.  

If any of you are showing or feeling any symptoms of the virus, however small, we kindly request that you refrain from visiting us until you are sure you are completely well.

The same rules obviously apply to our team. 

We have a non contact thermometer to take temperatures if necessary.

Everyone that has a permanent colour service on the scalp will require a skin test. This is for any permanent colour used on the scalp, including toners used after foiling or Balayage services.  The salon will be open from Monday 29th June 10am-3pm for any of you that need to come in for this before the 4th July.  All skin tests should be done at least 48 hours prior to service commencing.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is company policy and very much for your own personal safety.

We don’t wish to sound in any way rude, our only intention is to keep you and our Kudos team safe and well.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these strange times.  You are all as always very important to us and your happiness with the service we give you is of paramount importance. We will always welcome your feedback and will be continuously striving to improve our service to you.  Hopefully we will soon find our new normal!


We are so excited for Kudos to be reopening, and we can’t wait to see you all very soon!

With love, your Kudos family. xxxReopening logo.JPGxxx