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There is currently a £1.50 recycling charge for each guest visit over £20.

We are very excited and proud to be working in partnership with the Green Salon Collective, we recycle practically all our salon waste!

To find out more about this amazing service click on the link – greensaloncollective.com

ServiceStylistAdvanced Stylist Style Director Senior DirectorSenior Management
Cut & Finish£41.95£46.95£50.95£55.95£57.95
Cut & Finish Long£44.95£49.95£53.95£58.95£60.95
Restyle Cut & Finish£46.95£51.95£55.95£60.95£62.95
Wash & Cut£36.95£41.95£45.95£50.95£52.95
Blowdry / Set & Finish£25.95£28.95£30.95£32.95£34.95
Blowdry Long£32.95£34.95£36.95£38.95£40.95
Blowdry Long Curls£42.95£44.95£46.95£48.95£50.95
Hair Up£44.95£44.95£46.95£46.95£48.95
Hair Up + Preparation£54.95£54.95£56.95£56.95£58.95
Wash & Cut£25.95£28.95£30.95£32.95£34.95
Cut & Finish£28.95£31.95£33.95£35.95£37.95
Boys Wash & Cut Up To 13 yrs£22.95£23.95£25.95£27.95£29.95
Girls Wash & Cut Up To 13 yrs£26.95£27.95£29.95£31.95£33.95
Cut & Finish Up To 13 yrs£34.95£35.95£37.95£39.95£40.95
Restyle Up To 13 yrs£37.95£38.95£40.95£42.95£44.95
Graduate Stylist (subject to availability)


ServiceStylistAdvanced Stylist Style Director Senior DirectorSenior Management
Foil Sections / Parting£41.95£44.95£45.95£46.95£48.95
Foil T Section£54.95£57.95£58.95£59.95£61.95
Foils Half Head£62.95£65.95£66.95£67.95£69.95
Foils Full Head£81.95£84.95£85.95£86.95£88.95
Foils Full head Long£96.95£99.95£100.95£101.95£103.95
Full head Colour £49.95£51.95£52.95£53.95£54.95
Full head Premium Colour£59.95£61.95£62.96£63.95£64.95
Regrowth Colour£42.95£43.95£44.95£45.95£46.95
Regrowth Premium Colour£52.95£53.95£54.95£55.95£56.95
Quasi – Semi Colour£43.95£44.95£45.95£46.95£47.95
Toner with Colour£26.95£26.95£26.95£26.95£26.95
Colour CorrectionP.O.AP.O.AP.O.AP.O.AP.O.A
Placement Colour TechniquesP.O.AP.O.AP.O.AP.O.AP.O.A
Alergy alert test required 48 hours prior to colour service commencing.

Permanent Curls & Waves

Curls / Waves£68.95
Half Head Curls / Waves£56.95
Long Hair Curls / WavesP.O.A
Alergy alert test required 48 hours prior to colour service commencing.

Conditioning Treatments

Conditioning Treatments£13.95
AVEDA Botanical Treatment£18.95
Olaplex Treatment£29.95
Keratin Hair Smoothing TherapyP.O.A
Hair ExtensionsP.O.A
Wedding Service  P.O.A
Alergy alert test required 48 hours prior to colour service commencing.

Gift Vouchers Available at Various Denominations

Consultations with all Stylists – Complimentary

All prices inclusive of VAT. Prices Can Be Confirmed Prior To Service Commencing during Consultation.